PayPal Alternatives


Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill offers some features that are very unique to their service, and make payment processing much easier. Most popular is the fact that setup is free for all users, as well as the ability to send text messages directly from your account. However the most essential feature of operating a Skrill account is the potential to transfer all balances to a prepaid debit card, which proves beneficial to international customers.


Featured as a primary payment option on popular sites such as gofundme and, WePay is unique in the sense that its payment features are built into the website of purchase instead of having to open up another tab and transfer payment information elsewhere. This makes it much easier for customers to make prompt, accurate payments because the middle-man transfer of payment information is erased, thus expediting the payment process.


Perhaps one of the newest global payment options on the market, Stripe has a promising future in the business. The service incorporates the majority of the features that are seen across other sites, including card storage and automatic payment billing options. Moreover, Stripe offers the ability for integrate this payment system directly into their website, in a similar fashion that WePay operates.

Image: / Denys Prykhodov