How to Accept Online Payments

Everything is going digital. More and more people are making payments online. There are several choices from which to choose.

Credit and Debit Cards

Most businesses have options on their site for customers to make payments. They can use a credit or debit card. Set up the payments using a merchant account or an intermediary holding account. There is a small fee involved.

eChecks via ACH Processing

You can have your customers do a direct debit from their bank accounts, which you get as an electronic or eCheck. The customer enters a routing number and an account number. Your site uses a software interface to set up the payments. There is a fee for this choice but is much lower than the fees for credit card payments.

Mobile Payments

You can dip, swipe, or key in a credit card number on a mobile phone. The customer gets an email, confirming the payment.

Online Gateway

Companies are adding payment forms to their site. This choice lets customers pay the company without going through a merchant.

Click-to-Pay Email Invoicing

The process involves sending customers an invoice by email and have them click on a link to pay.

Recurring Billing

If your company offers a monthly service, you can ask your customers to make automatic payments. It is a recurring payment convenient for both you and your client.

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