Hosted Online Shop Or Self Hosted WooCommerce?

Hosted Online Shop

You do not own a hosted online shop. It runs on someone else’s server, and you do not have access to the codes used to execute the site. Whatever changes you make take place on whoever owns the site. You do not manage the site, but you can create a profile and make changes. Social media is an excellent example of hosted sites.

Advantages of Hosted Shop

  • Someone else maintains the site, so you do not have to pay for SPAM blockers
  • You can post ads to sell your products for free
  • Easy to use

Self-Hosted WooCommerce

You own the software you use to upload the information on your computer. The software comes with access to the codes and instructions on how to post them. You have complete control, so you decide when to update the program. The updating is your responsibility, so you have to remember to upgrade the software. If you encounter any problems, you will have to pay to fix the software or ask a friend to help.

Advantages of Self-Hosted WooCommerce

  • You can customize it to your liking
  • You own the software

Both options have their advantages. It is up to you to make the right choice based on your needs. The benefits will help you decide which one to choose.

Image: / diignat