Cheap International Money Transfer

There are several ways to send a money transfer to a foreign country on the cheap. You can go to a particular store, use PayPal, or use apps.

<strong>Ways to send money for cheap</strong>

<strong>• Walmart</strong>
You can transfer up to $2,500 and spend $18 or less. You can go to a Walmart store, or you can do it from home using your computer. The process is fast and secure.

<strong>• PayPal</strong>
It allows you to send money to friends and family free. The recipient would have to have a PayPal account too.

<strong>• Venmo App</strong>
PayPal provides this service, so the same rules apply. You can use the app on your Android or iPhones.

<strong>• Square Cash</strong>
You use this app on your phone, and the service is free. Plus, you get the money right away. You do not have to have a bank account to use it. You only need the email address of the recipient.

<strong>• Google Wallet</strong>
The service is free. It is an app for use on your phone. You can either use the person’s email address or phone number to send the cash.

<strong>• Facebook Messenger</strong>
You can send money for free by starting a message with a friend. Tap on the icon that looks like a dollar sign ($) and press “pay.”

With the apps, the only thing you have to worry about is security. To get around it, you can set a cap, so you will not lose that much money if someone compromises your account.